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E|A|V offers premium lighting for any event. from string lighting to high volume stage lighting. We can take any event to the next level with our creative design and our large range of lighting instruments. We strive to provide the highest quality design and implementation  of lighting styles such as: theatrical stage lighting, up-lighting, concert lighting, ambient event lighting and much more.


Whether you need wireless mics for a small meeting;or a full audio system for a live band, executive|Audio|Visual is well equipped to provide high fidelity audio to power your next concert, wedding, dance, or public event. Our audio engineers are highly trained and well equip to handle any last minute changes or curve balls that can be sent their way.

If you need equipment for an event, we are the ones you want to call. We can provide;audio, lighting, video, rigging, power, tents and anything you may need for your event. 


And More...

Production Services

You have the idea E|A|V can make it happen. Services we  can provide include, back end logistical management, Event design and booking of personnel, equipment, venues, etc.

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            Executive|Audio|visual is the premier audio visual company based out of Santa Barbara California. we strive to provide the highest quality lighting, audio, video, rentals and production services in the area.


           Founded in 2015 by Nick Seaman and partner, E|A|v has been climbing the ladder of quality service since the day we started. Our detail oriented design and implementation of systems, as well as our strong desire to produce the highest quality event possible are our top priories. our one on one customer service will help make your event grow from an idea to your dream event in the most stress free manner. 






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Serving Santa Barbra County and beyond since 2015

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